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Emerald World Pictures presents


 Floating Church

Kites Fly Highest Against the Wind
A frail Irish missionary confronts hardened sailors at
"The Floating Church of our Savior" - Pike Slip, NYC, 1858-1866.

A 16 year old runs off to join a Scottish regiment fighting in India. After surviving near death experiences and unspeakable horrors whilst serving in the Royal Navy (India, Singapore, Brazil, Cape Horn, Sandwich Islands, Honolulu, San Francisco, China) he would become a lay missionary at "The Floating Church" on the East River in NYC, where his soul shaking verse would become legend.

Help us to make an award winning Limited Series based on his true story.

Executive Producer - Kelly E. Nelson
Snapshot from one of Byrne's journals.
John Byrne - Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn.
The Seamen's Retreat
Sailor's Home
US Marine Hospital
NYC Draft/Race Riots
Still photo from "Gangs of New York" shows Irish immigrants arriving in NYC 
The Floating Church
"The Floating Church of Our Savior" Pike Slip, NYC 

Emerald World Pictures presents The Floating Church, Copyright 2021

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